100cc Dirt Bikes, 110cc Dirt Bikes, 125cc Dirt Bikes For Sale

100cc dirt bikes are powerful, but not quite “NASA” powerful (no turbines). A 100cc engine has about only ten horsepower, which doesn’t sound like much but has enough power behind it to bring the rider up to about 50 mph. That’s fast enough to help the amateur dirt bike rider at learning to make those jumps properly, yet they are durable enough to take a little abuse without falling apart too quickly.

Their smaller size gives the beginning rider a feel for the motorcycle, and also will give the rider a clue about the inner workings. For instance if something were to break, the dirt bike rider can look inside and get used to the most common problems and learn to fix them quickly and efficiently.

Honda CR 2001 HONDA CR125 Metal Mulisha Plastics with upgraded rimes and Pro Line Pipes 0 Bid US $1,300.00