200cc Dirt Bikes - 250cc Dirt Bikes For Sale

Ask yourself how much experience you have riding dirt bikes. If you are still learning, stick with a 125 model. If you know a bit about what you are using, then go ahead and move up to the 250 class. Do not step up to the 500 class unless you are a seasoned rider with a lot of experience.

Other Makes Suzuki NO RESERVE 2006 Suzuki Dr200 SE In Great Condition 4 Bids US $610.00

Ask yourself how big you are in relation to the bike. Dirt bikes come in a variety of frame sizes, so it is important that you select a size that is comfortable for you to ride. If you are young and will be growing over the next 6 months, then don’t worry too much if the bike seems slightly big, because you’ll grow into it.