Used Kawasaki Dirt Bikes For Sale

I remember when we brought my son his first Kawasaki dirt bike. He had wanted a dirt bike for two years before he was big enough to ride one. The day he received his dirt bike he never wanted to get off the bike. He would sleep with his helmet next to him.  I was not as familiar with all of prestige that came along with owning a Kawasaki bike.

Kawasaki KXF Kawasaki KX450F 2009 Fresh engine and plenty of upgrades 17 Bids US $2,425.00

The company was established by Shozo Kawasaki in 1878 as a company dedicated to ship building. Like most manufactures, in the dirt bike industry they did not start out to produce dirt bikes. They entered the dirt bike industry in the early 50's, but were finally able to branch out around 1963.

Today they are producing bikes with a high, grade reputation. Their 100 series bikes are known for being a lightweight machine that is easy to control. These Kawasaki dirt bikes were built for off-road performance. There are two bikes in the 100 series; the KX100 and the KLX110. Each bike was built with a small engine, is cost effective, and is easy for a beginner to handle. These dirt bikes are small and quick but lack any substantial power.

If you are looking for a Kawasaki dirt bike, that offers more power and performance, you will want to try a bike in the 400 series. There are two bikes in the 400 Kawasaki line. There is the KX450F which will give you high-end, professional performance. It has awesome power, and acceleration. This bike will do excellent in just about any motocross and dirt bike competition. In 2008, Kawasaki released the new KX450R. This bike has even more power and acceleration than the KX450F. This bike will give you a better performance with its ultra, powerful 449-cc, liquid cooled 4 stroke engine.

The dual purpose bikes are perfect for those who only ride off-road occasionally. A dual purpose Kawasaki dirt bike will allow the rider to ride on the road all day long and move to the dirt whenever they want. These bikes do not have the same performance for an off-road competition; however they are more comfortable and great for being on the road.