KTM Dirt Bikes

KTM dirt bikes are known for their tough and sturdy frames. The fans love KTM bikes because even as a novice rider you can perform great race jumps on them. Professionals love riding these bikes because they can push them to their full capacity. It is very seldom that you can go to a race and not see a black and orange bike speeding by, or on the podium.

KTM SX 2008 ktm 250sx f US $2,900.00

KTM started as a dirty, old metalworking repair shop in 1934, in Austria. They soon became one of the largest car and motorbike repair workshops in upper Austria. In 1951, KTM started developing their very, first motorcycle. The bike was considered an engineering success and quickly created a buzz among the motorcycle industry. With their new found success KTM dirt bikes built a dedicated manufacturing plant in Mattighofen. Since their development, KTM bikes have been a competitive force on the enduro and trail scene as well as on the motocross track. You will often see KTM bikes crossing the finish line first in many international events.

Their off road competition models start with the 125 SX. This bike has been known to produce many, MX2 class winners. The bike has an optimally balanced chassis that is ultra light it is super agile with two stoke power that even a four stroke engine will find hard to duplicate.

Their 150 SX is the perfect combination of the playful handling of a 125 with nearly as much power as a 250. The optimized chassis and new geometry makes this bike a winner against its opponents.

Their 250 SX provides true riding pleasure in the MX1 class. The bike is ultra-lightweight and powerful enough to perform with an agility that competes well against four stokes. It is a superior two stroke weapon that provides a user friendliness that will get the job done.

Their 250 SX-F is the most powerful dirt bike at most MX2 starting lines. The bikes ultra powerful 250cc, DOHC power unit will calmly face even the most challenging courses.

Their 450 SX-F is a racing machine that is an instant contender on any track. The bike comes with an ultra-light electric starter, a new 5-speed grearbox, new CNC-machine triple clamps and new high level chassis. This bike will have you stand up to take notice, and will make all others seem old.

When you purchase a KTM dirt bike, you can expect to become a winner. These bikes are made for finishing in first place.